SPO600 Lab 5 Algorithm Selection Lab

Hi all, I was assigned to work in my lab for my SPO600 class. Here is the outline of the specifications:

For this lab, we are designing two different approaches to simulate the process of adjusting the volume of a sequence of sound samples in the C language.

What is the impact of various optimization levels on the software performance?

  • The optimization levels have different impact on the software performance


Speed of compile Code size Execute speed Safety
-O0 fast average slow yes
-O1 medium medium medium yes
-O2 medium medium medium yes
-O3 slow big fast no


Does the distribution of data matter?

  • Yes, the distribution of data matter for the software.

If samples are fed at CD rate (44100 samples per second x 2 channels), can both algorithms keep up?

  • This many keep up but the time is it take to process is slow

What is the performance of each approach?

  • Xerxes and Betty have different performance profiles, so it’s not reasonable to compare performance between the machines, but it is reasonable to compare the relative performance of the two algorithms in each context. Do you get similar results?
  • On Betty with -O3 optimization level. We have the fastest measurement time on both approaches. Bit-shifting has a faster time than multiplication.
  • On Xerxes, both approaches had similar time.

Author: dannydat2005

Hello, Welcome to my blog site on programming and related development topics. At this point in time I’m relatively new to the professional developer world, but am getting my foothold into the arena. I’ve benefited greatly already by the contributions and documentation that others have provided on the web for jobs that have been asked of me, and this shall represent the beginnings of my contributions in return. My interests in programming that you may find topics on within this site include open source development.

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